How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

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While you might be aware that routine check-ups are vital for preventing the development of tooth decay and gum disease, you could be allowing your fear of the dentist to stand in the way of your dental health.

Rather than neglecting your oral hygiene, you must face your fears and book your first appointment with a dentist. To do so, read the below advice on how to overcome dental anxiety.

Talk to Your Dentist

It is important to realise you are not alone when struggling with dental anxiety, as it is a common fear for many patients. It might, however, help to discuss your worries with a qualified dentist during an appointment, who can provide reassurance that you are in safe, capable hands. Plus, as they will have extensive experience treating various anxious patients, you can rest assured they will have much patience and understanding during a check-up or a procedure.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Many people are often afraid to visit a dentist due to embarrassment about their teeth. Rather than allowing the problems to spiral out of control, don’t hesitate to call us here at Acacia Dental Group.

A dentist could make you feel at ease about your embarrassment, which could encourage you to schedule an initial appointment. Remember, a dentist will treat various teeth and gum issues every day, so there is no reason to feel ashamed. It is their sole aim to improve your oral health, and they will not judge you for seeking treatment.

Book a Morning Appointment

An afternoon appointment will provide you with much time to dwell on an upcoming check-up or treatment. For this reason, you should organise an appointment early in the morning. It will ensure you don’t have much time to think about the experience, so you will feel more relaxed once you take a seat in a dentist’s chair.

Bring a Loved One with You

Bringing a loved one along with you to an appointment could help to settle your nerves. A dentist will understand you might need some moral support during a check-up or treatment, so they will be more than happy to allow your partner, friend, or relative to sit in the room while they review your oral health or perform a treatment.

Send a Signal When You Need a Break

It can be easy for your fears to take over if you are suffering from dental anxiety. To ensure you feel comfortable during your time in a dentist’s chair, you should agree to a signal to indicate to a dentist that you would like them to stop or take a break. For example, you could lift your hand or point your finger, which could make you feel more in control of the experience.

If you would like to book an appointment with us here at Acacia Dental Group or would like to talk to an orthodontist in Canberra about your dental anxiety, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 6281 2222. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have to ease your concerns.

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, How to Overcome Dental Anxiety
, How to Overcome Dental Anxiety