Invisalign Aligner MaterialsInvisalign Aligners: The Clear Winner For Invisible Braces

More and more people are turning to invisible braces, such as Invisalign, to help straighten their teeth. Clear braces offer many advantages over their traditional counterparts, and for those wanting a discreet treatment option, there is no better alternative. However, the popularity of clear aligners has led to a flood of choices. There is no longer only one brand to choose from, making it more difficult for patients to decide upon the right treatment for them.

To help clear the way, in this article, we’ll explain the benefits of Invisalign and how the treatment compares to other clear aligners.

Invisalign – The SmartTrack Aligners

Invisalign is an extremely popular choice for those wanting invisible braces, in fact, over 6 million people have used the clear aligners to transform their smiles. With that many people opting for the brand, it has to be doing something right. Before explaining the benefits that Invisalign aligners offer, it’s worth understanding a little more about how they are made.

Invisalign aligners are made of SmartTrack material. Invisalign has decades of expertise in biomechanics and material science, which fueled their creation of the optimum aligner. Over eight years, Invisalign has tested 260 materials to produce the multi-layered and highly elastic material that they now use.

Invisalign’s extensive experience has helped them identify the characteristics that create a better aligner performance. This includes making an aligner that is esthetic for daytime wear, produces gentle yet constant force, fits well and has excellent elasticity. SmartTrack material has been engineered specifically to meet all of these criteria and more.

While conventional aligner materials relax and lose substantial energy after even a few days wear, SmartTrack materials retain constant force. The flexible material is also able to conform more accurately to tooth morphology, allowing it to offer improved control of tooth movement. Compared to Invisalign’s previous material, studies have shown statistically significant improvements due to SmartTrack technology.

The Competition – Alternative Invisible Braces

Since Invisalign’s introduction in the 1990s, other brands have come onto the marketplace offering similar treatments. The most notable competitor is ClearCorrect. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the company uses the same plastic that Invisalign used to use over a decade ago. Invisalign has had this time to spend on research and development, creating an advanced product based on a huge database of real-life cases.

There are also many new startups coming onto the marketplace, attempting to cut the cost of clear braces and make them more accessible. This includes at-home aligner kits which enable people to take impressions of their own teeth and have aligners mailed out to them. However, while there are some success stories, there are equally as many with adverse outcomes. Putting your new smile in the hands of a startup that doesn’t have proof to back up its promise is a risky tactic.

There are many alternative options for people looking for Invisalign in Canberra. However, while a few of the more established companies offer some of the same benefits, none offer them all. Ultimately the alternative options lack the SmartTrack material that sets Invisalign apart. It is the material that allows Invisalign to provide many advantages to its patients that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

As we’ve touched on, it is the unique material that Invisalign aligners are made from that sets them apart. The SmartTrack material has propelled Invisalign to a new level in treatment performance.

Invisalign offers the following benefits to its patients compared to other clear aligners:

  • Faster treatment time – the SmartTrack material is tighter fitting and more effective at moving teeth. Conventional clear braces lose force after just a few days and are much less efficient. SmartTrack aligners place continuous corrective pressure on each tooth. As Invisalign aligners apply just the right amount of force, consistently, they can be changed once a week instead of once a fortnight. The result is a treatment time that can be up to two times faster than other clear aligners.
  • More comfortable fit – the patented SmartTrack material is more snug and offers a superior fit around the teeth compared to other clear aligners. While they all may look the same, the SmartTrack material feels a lot better. The material is more flexible, while retaining its grip on the teeth. This avoids the discomfort that can occur when an aligner becomes loose and starts rubbing against the mouth.
  • Less painful treatment – SmartTrack aligners reduce some of the pain that typically occurs when shifting teeth. As conventional clear braces lose force over a short period of time, extra pressure is added to compensate. This can make the aligners much more painful, especially to begin with. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, retain their shape, enabling a lesser but more constant pressure to be applied. Patient surveys have shown significant reductions in pain thanks to the SmartTrack material.
  • Compliance tracking – one of the benefits of clear aligners, the fact that they can be removed, can also be one of the biggest challenges. The trays are removable but need to be left in for at least 22 hours a day. This is particularly challenging when it comes to young people. To help, Invisalign has created a blue compliance indicator which fades over time. The indicator ensures that teenagers wear their aligners often enough to be effective.
  • Cost-effective – the cost of Invisalign isn’t the cheapest option for clear braces. However, it is the most cost-effective. While other brands may offer more competitive rates to dental practices, there is no guarantee that patients are offered the same discounts. More importantly, only Invisalign is based upon years of research and proven success, ensuring your new smile will be set to stay. Finally, Invisalign offers a teen guarantee, allowing teenagers to swap to traditional braces at no extra cost if they are unsatisfied with treatment.

Invisalign – A Clear Winner

Until recently, having your teeth straightened was a lengthy and challenging process. Fortunately, things have come a long way since the traditional ‘train-track’ braces of the past. Invisible braces offer a discreet and effective treatment option. Due to the success of Invisalign, many companies are following suit and producing clear braces. However, it is only Invisalign that uses SmartTrack material. If you want to have a faster, more comfortable and more successful treatment, there is no other option. SmartTrack is the smart choice for the future of your smile.

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