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Here’s a little about us.

Acacia Dental Group is a long-standing family practice nestled in the Gadal Chambers since the late 70’s. We might have served your grandparents — and we’re proud you entrust your children to our expert care.

We have one goal: to keep your teeth and gums fresh and beautiful as ever. But it’s not only about those pearly whites… it’s also about their underlying health and wellness. That’s why we always take the time to get to know you and your unique dental history.


Our Practice

Acacia Dental is a privately-owned family practice that has been around since the ‘70s. In the ‘80s it moved to its home in Gadal Chambers, when the building was first built, and has been there ever since. While the practice has changed hands during that time, it hasn’t changed its ethos and has been providing high-quality family dentistry to Canberra residents for generations.

Our Team

Acacia Dental Group is run by husband/wife duo, Mallik and Sirisha Yalamanchili. Having both worked for privately-owned family practices in the past, they jumped at the chance to buy Acacia Dental. The Yalamanchili’s knew how a family practice should be run and had a vision of building a practice based on values, long-term relationships and trust. And that’s just what they’ve done; whatever a patient’s needs, Mallik and Sirisha make a formidable team:

Dr Mallik Prasad Yalamanchilli

Dr Mallik Prasad Yalamanchili

Dr Mallik has over 20 years of dental experience and, after receiving his Australian Dental Certification from the University of Sydney in 2006, has been working in Australia ever since. With such a long career under his belt, Dr Mallik has developed interests in several fields of dentistry. He has speciality training in dental implants, orthodontic braces and Invisalign dentistry, and is able to deal with the most straightforward to the most complex of cases.

Of course, while he is passionate about dentistry, Dr Mallik does take some time out too and is an enthusiastic sportsman. When he’s not in the practice, you’ll likely find him playing tennis, cricket or golf. In fact, nothing stands in his way when he wants to hit the court, even shoulder surgery, he ‘simply’ learnt to play with the other hand. The truth is, whether in the practice or on the pitch, no challenge is too great.

Dr Sirisha Yalamanchili

Dr. Sirisha Yalamanchili

After graduating in 2005, Dr Sirisha received her Australian Dental Certification from the University of Western Australia in 2008. She now has over 15 years experience, many of which have been spent at Acacia Dental. As a mother of two, Dr Sirisha understands that not all kids love the dentist, but with her warm, caring nature, she makes it hard for them not to. Dr Sirisha’s specialities include root canal treatments and cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and dental crowns. Ultimately, she believes that everyone, mother or child, father or son, should feel and look their best, and that starts with a winning smile.

Dr Sirisha doesn’t just create beautiful smiles; she creates beautiful artwork too. An avid painter, you’ll be able to admire her artwork on the walls of the practice. So, whether you’re looking out at the eucalyptus trees, or lost in art, your trip to Acacia should give you some welcome time out.

Why Choose Us

Access to Specialized Technology

We work with high-end, rare dental equipment, but keep a distinctly economical approach to accommodate your wallet and your schedule. We want to get you in for the best possible treatment… with minimum appointments or re-visits.

Friendly & Caring Dental Staff

This is praise we hear from patients over and over again. We are a family-owned environment where you always feel welcome and never rushed.

Affordable Pricing

A lot of people live with constant pain or fear of their smile because they feel they can’t afford dental treatment or they feel there are no flexible options. But that’s not the case over at our practice — we’re happy to accommodate you however we can.

Flexible Scheduling

Speaking of accommodating, we’re not just conscious of your wallet — we’re conscious of your time. Same day treatments are available, and if you have to change dates around, that’s no problem.

Our Promise

It’s our job to put a smile on your face, and that means offering you the best care at a price you can afford. Our ultimate goal is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible and we will do everything we can to help you achieve that, taking time to understand you and your unique dental history. 

At Acacia Dental, we pride ourselves on giving our patients:

  • A warm welcome – you will never feel rushed at our practice, we are family-owned and family-focused and do our best to make our patients feel at home.
  • Access to specialised technology – we use high-end dental equipment that provides the best treatment at the lowest cost for our patients. 
  • Affordable pricing – cost shouldn’t stand in the way of you getting the treatment you need, we’ll do everything we can to make your treatment affordable.
  • Flexible schedules – we understand that your time is valuable; we offer same-day treatments and never mind changing appointment times to suit our patients. 

Whatever your dental needs, our friendly team will do everything in their power to maintain your oral hygiene, restore your smile and leave you looking and feeling at your best. 

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