Why Now is the Best Time to Straighten Your Teeth

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If you have crooked, overlapped, or misaligned teeth, then chances are you have contemplated straightening them. Perhaps you have a life event coming up and want to feel your best, or maybe your teeth have bothered you for some time. Either way, not being able to talk or eat normally can have a considerable impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Whatever your concern, it is never too late to make a change, and teeth braces could be the answer. 

How Do Teeth Braces Work?

Orthodontics works by placing pressure on your teeth to change their position over time. This is done by attaching mechanical devices or appliances to your teeth to gently persuade them to move in the desired direction. And they can shift different teeth in different directions at the same time too. So, whatever your personal circumstances, whether you want to straighten your teeth for cosmetic reasons or due to wear and tear or decay, teeth braces can get them back into shape. 

There is a Brace Type for Everyone 

It’s a common misconception that teeth braces are just for children whose teeth and jaws are still growing. Childhood may well be the perfect time to reposition teeth, but many adults opt for orthodontic treatment with excellent results. The truth is, anyone can correct their teeth alignment. Whatever lifestyle you lead, celebrity, school teacher or Grandmother, there are different types of braces to suit you. 

Orthodontic innovation and technologies have come a long way since the metal train track braces you may remember as a youngster. Today, teeth braces are less noticeable and much more comfortable. You can show them off with coloured bands and brackets or, if being discrete is more your thing, natural tooth-coloured brackets and wires are an option. And, for ultimate discretion, many opt for invisible braces known as clear aligners. These are barely noticeable and are hugely effective in realigning your teeth. 

It’s Not Just About Great Looking Teeth

Straightening your teeth will, no doubt, improve their appearance, but it can also affect how you eat. If your teeth don’t meet correctly when you bite, they aren’t as effective. What’s more, misaligned teeth are much more difficult to clean. 

Correcting misaligned teeth through wearing a brace can help protect your teeth from enamel erosion leading to cavities. Meanwhile, straightening crooked or overcrowded teeth should make your teeth easier to clean, therefore reducing the risk of more serious problems in the future. Ultimately, by straightening your smile with teeth braces, you can improve your oral health and your overall wellbeing too. 

Investing in Your Future

When it comes to how much braces cost, it is unique to each individual treatment plan. Brace type, the length of treatment and the complexity of your issues are all factors which contribute to the cost in Woden. However, there are often ways to spread the cost with monthly payments to make the treatment more manageable. 

And, with today’s innovative techniques, such as Invisalign, it might not take as long as you expect to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of. The length of your treatment will depend on how much your teeth need to move, and the type of brace best suited to your circumstances. But with discrete and comfortable treatment options, you don’t have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle in the meantime. 

Start Your Teeth Straightening Journey

When something is bothering you about your teeth, such as their appearance, pain, or discomfort, it can have a serious impact on how you feel and conduct yourself. So, if you have deliberated about straightening your teeth for a while, why wait any longer? Teeth braces can make a huge difference at any time of life. Find out more about teeth braces in Canberra and start your journey to a smile you are proud of. 

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