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One of the first things that people notice about a person is their smile. It can take time to get the perfect smile, and it certainly isn’t something that can magically appear overnight. Using a variety of methods to improve oral hygiene on a regular basis is the key. The more that you tackle any issues that you have with your teeth, gums, and oral health, the more likely that you will end up with a smile that you’re not embarrassed to show off. If you feel uncomfortable smiling in photos, or you’re just looking for ways to improve the health of your mouth, this guide is intended to highlight just what you can be doing to get a healthier, happier smile.

1. Floss Your Teeth Daily

Everyone knows that they should floss their teeth, and yet so few people actually do it. Flossing is used in order to get rid of plaque that builds up between your teeth and beneath your gum line. If you can start flossing daily, then you will help maintain good oral hygiene and reduce your chances of tooth loss, tooth decay, and gingivitis. If you need help learning how to floss properly, your dentist will be able to advise you.

2. Regular Dental Check-ups

At the very least, you should be visiting an oral hygienist at least twice a year. If you have some professional cleaning done every six months, not only will you be more inclined to look after your teeth yourself, you will also get a more naturally appealing smile. Irregular check-ups can lead to periodontal disease, and that can cause swollen, receding, or bleeding gums. Having tartar build-up and stains removed every six months will go a long way to improving your smile. You should also speak to your dentist about whether dental prophylaxis is worth considering.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking isn’t just bad for your overall health; it’s not great for the health of your mouth either. Smoke can stain your teeth very quickly, and while some stains can be easily removed, smoke stains can often soak into your tooth enamel. Your gums are also at risk and may start to recede if you continue to smoke, meaning you may require advanced dentistry such as dental implants. If you already have excessive staining on your teeth, then that can make you feel very uncomfortable about your smile. There is an in-house teeth whitening service and a professional take-home kit available, but you should always stick to using a professional teeth whitening Service. Avoid over-the-counter solutions, as these can end up damaging your teeth and may result in you needing emergency dental treatment.

4.Tea, Coffee, and Wine

These drinks are renowned for being effective tooth stainers. Like smoke stains, excessive drinking of these beverages can mean that the staining starts to soak into the enamel, making them very difficult to get rid of. If you can’t cut down on your consumption, then you might find that drinking through a straw will reduce staining. You should also rinse your mouth out regularly with water between your coffee, tea, or glass of wine. If staining is becoming an issue that affects your smile and your confidence, then book an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist.

It might take some time before you start to notice the effects of your new oral healthcare regime. No changes are going to result in overnight transformations, but with a little time, effort, and the help of a dentist, your smile could be vastly improved before you know it.

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