How CEREC Dentistry Makes Getting a Crown a Breeze

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If you have a broken, misshapen or weakened tooth, your Canberra dentist might recommend covering it with a dental crown. However, while dental crowns offer an excellent solution for protecting and restoring the shape of damaged teeth, you might not be smiling straight away. The process can take several weeks at best, while you’re left wearing a temporary and often poorly-fitted crown. Fortunately, however, with CEREC dentistry, you don’t have to wait nearly so long to complete your smile and regain your confidence. 

What is CEREC Dentistry

CEREC dentistry uses computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to fabricate dental restorations, such as crowns. The innovative technology enables CEREC dentists to analyse 3D images of your teeth to create incredibly accurate restorations. The revolutionary CEREC technology is used in-practice, so your crown will be designed and created right in front of your eyes. 

When you visit your CEREC dentist, your tooth will be prepared, and you’ll then have a 3D digital image taken of your mouth. You will be able to view the image on a screen, so you fully understand your treatment. The image is then uploaded into the revolutionary CEREC system; the software will analyse the image and create an artificial crown that is the perfect fit for your damaged tooth. Afterwards, the custom-made restoration will be polished and fitted into place. The whole process is done in-practice, in one appointment and only takes around an hour. 

The Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

For years there was only one way to get a crown, several visits to the dentist. But today, having a CEREC crown is a popular choice. And, as well as the fancy technology, it offers patients some pretty great benefits:

  • Same-day procedures – without doubt, the biggest benefit of CEREC technology is that it’s taken the hassle out of getting a crown fitted. Instead of waiting weeks for your crowns to be created, they can be made and fitted in just one appointment.
  • No temporary solutions – with a traditional crown, you need to wear a temporary restoration while you wait around two weeks. Weak adhesive can result in it falling out, not fitting correctly and being uncomfortable. With CEREC, you only have one permanent crown. 
  • Precise and comfortable fit – once impressions are taken of your teeth, you can watch your dentist design your dental crown using the computer-aided software. The incredibly accurate technology ensures your crown is the perfect shape, making it more comfortable and stronger. 
  • Natural-looking result – thanks to CEREC’s innovative software, every element of your tooth is taken into account, including the shade and colour. This means that you are left with the most natural-looking restoration that will blend in perfectly with your other teeth. 

Getting a CEREC Crown in Canberra

Generally, whatever your reason for needing a crown, be it to cover a tooth with a root canal, to fix a broken tooth or to protect a tooth from sensitivity, the CEREC procedure will be suitable. CEREC can solve any of the problems that a traditional crown can and, as we’ve discussed, it brings many benefits. The technology has changed the field of dentistry, making the procedure more accurate, more comfortable and faster than ever before. 

However, the problem is that you won’t find CEREC technology at every dentist in Woden. While CEREC has been around for many years now, not all practices have access to the in-office technology. So, if you’ve got damaged teeth and a crown has been recommended, look for a CEREC dentist with the technology and experience to put a smile back on your face quickly. After all, there is no need to suffer when a simple solution is within easy reach. 

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